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We use our 5E process to create your new platform business.

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Our 5-steps process is based on our experience in creating and developing over 150 platforms over the past 10 years. This process guides you through the essential phases, from strategic ecosystem analysis to identifying platform opportunities, to designing a platform concept to secure buy-in and seed funding, to launching and growing your platform, based on genuine network effects. Below is a detailed description of the “5E process”.

A 100x-proven process

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Identify platform opportunities for your company

Duration :  1 month

Aim: identify & select opportunity areas with a broader ecosystem perspective

Result: ecosystem strategy


​​​​​Validate a specific opportunity in order to make an investment decision

Duration :  2 months

Aim: find & validate a platform opportunity; go / no-go decision; secure funding by board or early investors

Result: Proof of Concept


Launch a platform MVP (minimum viable platform) to win the first customers and validate the market

Duration: 12 months

Aim: build MVP & tech; launch and attract first customers; solve the chicken-egg-problem; build team capabilities & setup venture operations

Result: proof of business case


Accelerate the ramp-up of your platform business

Duration : 12 months

Aim: pre-assessment of current status to identify bottlenecks to scale; define & execute growth initiatives / actions; create strong network effects; secure Serias A funding

Result: platform Scale-Up


Explore strategic growth opportunities for your platform

Duration : 3 months

Aim: discover, validate and decide on future growth areas

Result: Super Platform Strategy


We reduce risk and accelerate your platform’s growth.

  SMEs, large Corporates & Local Authorities

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« The Flying Rhino team helped the organization to better understand platform models and to develop business cases while anticipating operational steps. Their expertise and experience in platform creation made the team work and training pragmatic and useful.. »
Nicolas Goilav, Open platform lead at IFS Strategic Initiatives, BNP Paribas


 « Not only will Nathalie and the Flying Rhino experts help you understand how you can build a digital platform better than what you can think of, they will found it with you. »
Rémi Julien, President of the Board, MGI


“The Flying Rhino team of entrepreneurs took us off the beaten path, thanks to their methods and tools specialized in platform business models: some theory, yes, but above all it was pragmatic and concrete; we did everything together, in co-creation, and we also took ownership of the platform topics internally.”
Sylvie Latour, E-Commerce Director, La Poste