marketplace course


Learn how to launch and scale a platform business

Become a certified platform business expert, to build any kind of platform, be it a marketplace, a SaaS, a mobile application…

Why platforms matter

The new economy of platform businesses is a great opportunity, representing unprecedented growth potential and speed through business model innovation

digital economy

Who is this course for ?


Who want to launch a platform, gain practical skills and significantly increase the chances of attracting investors.


Who want to generate new sources of income, find ways to innovate or create a platform for a specific business unit


Who want to acquire useful skills to meet the needs of today’s market

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Course #1 : Platforms economy basics

In this first course you will learn about :

  • The business model of platform companies
  • Network effects
  • Monetisation strategies
  • The importance of trust
  • The steps to build a platform
  • Pitfalls not to fall into

The teachers

Platform Innovation Kit

Matthias Walter

CEO of Fastbreak One

Founder of the Platform Innnovation Kit

Matthias collaborates with leading institutions such as the World Economic Forum, the MIT, and the London Business School. He is also an entrepreneur, creator of several platforms, and an investor in B2B, IoT and Web3 platforms. 

founder flying rhino

Nathalie Dumas

CEO of Flying Rhino

Founder of the first Venture Studio specialised in platforms

Nathalie graduated from Stanford and had an international career, working in strategic roles with world leaders in the digital industry (Cisco, Oracle and Intel). Visionary, multilingual, she is also President and Board member of associations, entrepreneur, business angel and start-up coach. Nathalie also advises the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Aix-Marseille Métropole on issues related to digital and innovation.