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If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong interest in technology and innovation. If you feel confortable in multicultural and fast moving environments, then have a look at our job offers or apply directly to !

flying rhino digital platforms

Start-up Coordinator

Senior Manager Consultant in Platform Businesses with Impact

Start-up CEOs / Founders

Work for one of our ventures

logistic solution
odd onu 9

Revolutionising the competitiveness of European transport SMEs

#Transport #Logistic

CEO / Co-founder

CTO / Co-founder

startup studio france
odd onu

Position Europe as a destination for eco-responsible productions


CEO / Co-founder (coming soon)

CTO / Co-founder (coming soon)

marketplace online course
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To enable users to gain competitive skills for the businesses of the future


CEO / Co-founder (coming soon)

CTO / Co-founder (coming soon)