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Flying Rhino’s start-up studio is specialised in impact-oriented platform businesses. Our mission is (i) to co-produce start-ups that create both value and positive effects on the environment & people and (ii) to scale them up safely and rapidly.

The primary purpose of startup studios is to create companies. To do this, a startup studio invests in the form of operational support and capital. The startup studio is therefore a structure capable of creating several companies and developing them simultaneously. It supports the financing of the creation of a start-up, and organises all related operations until these new companies reach economic maturity.  In concrete terms, it organises the identification of industrial problems and sets up a brand new company that will solve these problems.

The founder brings the innovative idea and the Studio becomes your co-founder. Together we prepare the start-up for launch, we de-risk and we accelerate the first steps.

The Studio prepares the start-up for launch, de-risks the first steps, and the CEO takes over from the POC/MVP to make it a successful company.


  • Make your dream come true and take the lead in a brand new project in our portfolio to make it grow and outperform!


  • You are an entrepreneur; ambitious and resourceful
  • You have already built and/or run your start-up (ideally a platform) and sold it or made an exit.
  • You know how to build a vision, communicate it and make it contagious to future team members, investors and anyone you meet;
  • You want to share a project with a team to go further, faster.
  • You have industry or technical expertise and a willingness to reinvent an entire market through technology;
  • You are an eternal optimistic person who knows how to pass on your energy;
  • You like risk, challenges and fun!
  • You have guts.


  • You are at home when it comes to taking on new tools and ideally you already know Powerpoint, Excel, Teams, Notion, Slack, Miro very well.


  • You are fluent in French and English, and are comfortable working with international teams (tested during the interview) 


  • The opportunity to participate in the creation of a new and highly innovative company and to take the lead, with the comfort of not being left alone to do everything: we therefore reduce your risk, and maximise your chances of success.
  • We set up your start-up with you, providing you with everything you need: expertise, team and financial resources, tools, methodologies, networks; until you are autonomous.
  • We increase your chances of success through our experience and network: this support gives you the freedom to focus on your strengths to go faster and have fun.
  • You will work in a stimulating and empowering environment, among passionate and exciting entrepreneurs.
  • You will be supported by a high-flying and caring international team.
  • With us, you won’t have time to get bored! We work hard, but we value fun, well-being and a healthy and pleasant team dynamic.
  • We are flexible on working conditions and location.
  • The remuneration will consist of a fixed part, a variable part indexed to growth, and shares in the start-up.
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