We are entrepreneurs

… in our vision and in the way we work ; in our methodologies ; and in our mindset and ambition…

so prepare to be shaken up. 

We are entrepreneurs from all over Europe

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We all founded our own companies or start-ups.  And some of us spent years in bigger corporate structures too.

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We care about sustainability and having a positive impact. Even if you think that your project is not focusing on this, we will show you it can be!

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connectivity platfroms

We built a European ecosystem of platform innovation experts & ventures studios with local and international networks.

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flying rhino

We are experts in digital platforms. We analysed and helped building so many of them that we were able to create our own specialised tools and methodology. If you thought you knew everything about platforms, you’ ll realise soon enough that there is still a lot to be discovered…

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Your co-creators team

… is very diverse : 5 nationalities, 6 languages, 7 locations, different areas of expertises, and a span of ages from 24 to 49.


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Nathalie Dumas Lamborghini

Nathalie Dumas Lamborghini

Founder & CEO

Nathalie graduated from Stanford and had an international career, working in strategic roles with world leaders in the digital industry (Cisco, Oracle and Intel). She’s a visionary, recognized by several industry prizes. She is also President and board member of several associations, entrepreneur, business angel and start-up coach.

Adam Mitchel-Heggs

Adam Mitchel-Heggs

Senior Venture Developer & co-founder of The Net Positive Lab

Adam is an entrepreneur specializing in the creation of platforms that meet the challenges of Smart City and the circular economy. Passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development, he is now an expert in strategic, economic and political consulting.

Matthias Walter

Matthias Walter

Creator of the Platform Innovation Kit & co-founder of Fastbreak1

Matthias collaborates with leading institutions such as the World Economic Forum, the MIT, and the London Business School. He is also an entrepreneur, creator of several platforms, and founder of the Platform Innovation Kit, with a strong IT innovation background.

Cyrielle Durand

Cyrielle Durand

Project Manager & Entrepreneur

Graduated from the Tecnologico de Monterey in Mexico, Cyrielle participated in the development of the FSC environmental label in New Zealand. As an entrepreneur speaking 3 languages, she travels around the world (South Korea, Canada, etc.) before creating her webdesign company in France, then embarking on the Flying Rhino adventure.

Fabien Bouhier

Fabien Bouhier

Venture Builder

Fabien is a venture builder. After 15 years of experience in Asia working for Google, Facebook and Twitter, he returns to Europe and settles in Amsterdam. As a geek and entrepreneur at heart, he launched several start-ups and is passionate about topics such as quantum computing and blockchain.

Pauline Pezerat

Pauline Pezerat

Director of Investment and Operational Performance

Pauline spent seven years as a consultant in financial structuring and change management in both the public and private sectors, in France and Africa. Then she joined Bolloré for 8 years during which time she developed the operational performance in paralel of her role as their Global COO.
Pragmatic, agile and results-oriented, Pauline joined Flying Rhino in 2021, where she is responsible for managing the start-up portfolio and steering the overall operational performance of the venture studio.

Frank Van Beuzekom

Frank Van Beuzekom

Senior Venture Developer & Co-Founder of Net Positive Labs

Frank has worked in innovation, entrepreneurship and venture building for 15 years. He scouted start-ups for investment, and worked with them on business model innovation. He led venture teams with sustainable and profitable business models, particularly in energy. He uses venture building as a powerful tool for good.

Alexey Eremin

Alexey Eremin

Entrepreneur & Managing Partner at Rocket Mind Network

Alexey has been leading IT projects since 2005, focusing on digital transformation and platforms, for large corporations and startups. Expert in business modeling and project monitoring, he is a Platform Innovation Kit Ambassador.

Olivier Decourchelle

Olivier Decourchelle

Associate Lawyer

Olivier was a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Law Firm before participating in the creation of Numa Avocats in January 2020.
Passionate about entrepreneurs, he advises and assists leaders of big corporations, SMEs or start-ups in the planning and implementation of structural operations.

Alban Montreuil

Alban Montreuil

Certified Coach

Alban is a certified coach and co-founder of Mad Institute.
He helps executives and their teams to decide, act and interact with serenity through professional and human coaching.
20 years of management positions in France and Russia, contributed to his understanding of business issues and convinced him that what makes a project successful or not is always the human factor.

We are experts in our domain, you are experts in yours:

we use the best of all worlds

venture studio

We do the job with ethics & passion

We are goal oriented & driven by RESULTS. 

We care about having a POSITIVE IMPACT on the planet and the society.

We have great AMBITION for your projects.

Our forte: get you out of your comfort zone

And we are also great at:

Platforms : our special speciality! Not just a daily special, but our long-standing one. B2B, B2C or G2C (Government to Citizen), aiming at improving operations in supply chain, or increasing trust and dialogue between stakeholders, or founding the next revolutionizing customer journey app, you name it…. This is what we do best. 

Innovation : Lucky us and lucky you, Flying Rhino is led by a visionary lady, who loves innovation. And our whole team thrives on innovation too. So we will help you innovate in your industry and support your most crazy  ideas.

Venture building : ok, so the venture studio concept was invented in the US, but we think we should leverage innovative proven ideas and adapt them to our needs in Europe : so we have decided to create the 1st venture studio specialised in platforms & sustainability, in order to improve our success rate in platform models that seem simple, but are highly complex.

Sustainability : if you wished to green wash, you are not at the right door, sorry. We partner with the Net Positive Lab think-tank which focuses on environmental & societal impact, and on accelerating the transition towards a global circular economy. We use all those specialised tools, and align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in all our ventures.

Matching Entrepreneurship with Corporate culture :  many of our team members have years of experience in big corporates structures as well as in entrepreneurship & start-ups. So we know how it works and we adjust. But be sure that our entrepreneurial approach will allow you to work faster and get a fresh vision on your projects.  

Working internationally & remotely : talents can be found everywhere, and we are very committed to this diversity in our DNA, so we have built a team of people that are scattered across Europe, and that are used to working from anywhere. And of course, we are as efficient face to face, as virtually.

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