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We welcome you to our conversations with experts and founders to uncover what they learned about growing & scaling of B2B platforms, marketplaces and business ecosystems.

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Nathalie Dumas-Lamborghini

Awarded Top10 Woman in Digital Business 2020

Matthias Walter

Founder of the Platform Innovation Kit

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Friedrich Fries Henrich, CIRCULANIA

A journey towards a marketplace

“Choose one focus for your marketplace but keep a big vision, that seems so foolish that you think it is embarrassing.”


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Why are corporations struggling leveraging Blockchain technologies

“Blockchain technology, Crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum… they are a technology for worldwide individuals.”


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Leo Michellier & Paul Beguerie, ORGANIX

Combining waste management and the production of renewable and local energy

“The market of biogas is growing quickly in France so we wanted to structure the market and build a tool who would be relevant both for producers and the increasing number of biogas plants in need to source more waste”.


sustainable packaging

Kathrin Gunther, PEXCITE

How to build a sustainable packaging platform

“Either you are big enough to challenge building a new solution on your own or you need to bundle forces”


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Florian Klemt, FASHION CLOUD

The company’s culture as a tool to scale-up

“To hire software developers, we require a coding challenge, that takes around 6 hours. Then the second part is a 3 hours interview.”


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Frank Mattes, LEAN SCALEUP

Corporate Startups – How to build a startup as a corporate

“At the end of the day, innovation is a people game”


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Adrien Chaltiel, ELDORADO

 The importance of legitimacy

“The idea was how to build a brand in 3 years, being perceived as a 10 years old company.”


PF4 podcast

Marc Brechtel & Katharina Hölzle, FRAUNHOFER

Research on the success factors to build data platforms 

“Go out there, try it out, fail and get up again. None of us knows the answer. And it will only work if we all work together, learn together, maybe fail together, and then make it.”


Denis Tischler wind turbine

Denis Tischler, WIND-TURBINE

Using offline marketing to scale a digital platform

“When you are building a platform in an industry which is not really digitalised, you need to reach people physically by doing lots of offline marketing.”



Alessandro Pistillo, BASF

Make the chemical industry ready for sustainable platformization

“Boosting scale, scope and speed should be the criteria which help to identify the right partners to build the ecosystems.”


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Adrien Nussembaum, MIRAKL

Mirakl, the platform to build platforms

With over 300 marketplaces hosted on Mirakl, Adrien Nussenbaum, the CEO of one of the french unicorns, talks about the winning strategy for building B2B platforms.