Corporate Venturing

We co-create high growth and impact-oriented

platform ventures with you.

Flying Rhino Studio is a strategic, operational and financial co-founder.

No speculation, we build zebras.

zèbre ou licorne

“Unlike unicorns, zebras are not mythical & speculative animals.
Zebra companies are both black and white: they are profitable and improve society. They won’t sacrifice one for the other.”

Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break, Mara Zepeda et Jennifer Brandel, 2017


We enable innovative & impactful projects
to grow at scale.

Flying Rhino


You have the industry knowledge or an innovative idea, we have the tools, the methodology and the entrepreneurial expertise”.
We will help you build a business model that makes the idea economically viable, and put in place the right execution strategy and operational capacity.

UX flying rhino

Scale up

Once the project is launched, we will help you to accelerate it, and make it profitable in the long term: optimisation of the monetisation strategy, network effects, increase in annual revenue…

Our team is able to manage the scaling of the platform, in France and internationally.

UX flying rhino


Through our investment vehicle and financial partnerships, we are involved in seed funding, Calls for Proposals and fundraising, allowing the operational team to focus on the product and the market.

We are operationally involved in the startups we co-create.

We are strategically involved in the startups we co-create.

We are financially involved in the startups we co-create.


Join our team of entrepreneurs


Explore opportunities, grow your business


We will help you make your project come true


  Access a qualitative, confidential and de-risked deal flow


Join our team of entrepreneurs.

Look at our job offers. 


Explore opportunities, grow your business.

Send us a message to let us know what you need and we will come back to you with a solution.


We will help you make your project come true. 

Pitch your project in a few sentences and we will come back to you with a plan.


Access a qualitative, confidential and de-risked deal flow.

Send us a short message with the type of projects you are looking for or to receive our portfolio.

We combine our strengths

Seed funding Seed funding
Industry expertise Platforms expertise
Market knowledge Circular economy expertise
Ecosystem Operational resources
Brand Entrepreneurial agility
Assets (data, industrial, human) International network
business building

Your company

Seed funding

Business expertise

Market knowledge



Assets (data, industrial, human)

business building

Flying Rhino Studio

Platforms expertise

Circular economy expertise

Operational resources

Entrepreneurial agility

International network

Seed funding

Our success depends on the success of the startup and its valuation.
Our collaboration is based on trust and a lasting partnership.

We act as a partner, a co-creator, we become part of your team throughout the life cycle of the start-up.
Our role is to share and reduce the risk, fasten the go-to-market and the growth, and increase the returns’ potential of the start-up.
We are builders.

A startup studio (aka venture studio) accelerates your projects
and increases your returns’ potential.

Average internal rate of return (IRR)

  • 21.3% for traditional startups
  • 53% for startups created by studios

Average time from zero to seed

  • 36 months for traditional startups
  • 10.7 months for startups created by studios

Average time from seed to series A 

  • 20 months for traditional startups
  • 14.5 months for startups created by studios


For each start-up, we apply a methodical, milestone-based, entrepreneurial execution, combined with agile adaptation ; we recruit talents progressively based on project needs.

The 5 stages of the platform’s life


Ecosystem analysis and unfair advantage
Exploring possibilities
Defining the portfolio of opportunities


Validate the best opportunity
Hypothesis and preliminary validation of the business & impact case
Preliminary design of the platform and its business model

Phase 3 : POC / MVP

Build and validate the solution & business model (stress test) – POC
Prepare go-to-market
Launch of the “Minimum Viable Platform”


1st customers
1st network effects
Adaptation to the market

Phase 5 : SCALING

Growth through NFX (network effects)
Maturation of operations

“Corporate venture building makes the most of your core organization’s existing assets to create separate but linked businesses offering new products, services, or business models, typically addressing new markets and geographies. Corporate ventures can operate with the flexibility and agility of startups, yet they have the advantage of being able to leverage the many resources of the core business.

Corporate Venture Building: The Process,

Some of our projects

venture studio

Revolutionising the competitiveness of European transport SMEs

by providing them with a tool for the automated capture and exchange of their documentation, in compliance with the eFTI regulation (EU 2024 regulation).

venture studio

Website coming soon

Position Europe as a destination for eco-responsible productions

and orchestrate the global ecological transition of the audiovisual industry, contributing to carbon neutrality and promoting the commitments of companies.

venture studio

To enable users to gain competitive skills for the businesses of the future

by offering an online educational platform for individuals and professionals.