The Venture Studio

Innovating in innovation“.

We help you innovate in the way you build start-ups, beyond incubation, acceleration or acquisition of platforms : by entering one of our highly specialised “Platform for Future” programs, you can join forces with us, or with other companies in your ecosystem; together, we’ll build sustainable platforms, at faster speed, and with much higher chances of success & rate of returns.

What is a venture studio?

A venture & innovation studio helps you all along the creation process, the launch phase and the evolution of your platform. You are still the owner of the project but instead of doing it by yourself,  you co-create it with partners. 

The primary benefits of a venture studio (also called “start-up studio,” “company builder,” or “venture builder”) are to reduce risk when creating a new venture, to accelerate the time to market and growth, and to increase the start-up return potential

Studies have shown that start-ups created by studios have also got a much higher chance of survival and growth.

Indeed, studios build repeatable proven methodologies, focus on a specific expertise,share the risk as a co-founder, and provide access to financial resources. All of this allows the CEO of the startup to concentrate on building a great product, generating revenue, and taking care of customers.

Factor that accounts for a startups success(1)

Business model 24%

Team 32%

Funding 14%

Timing 42%

Ideas 28%

(1) 5 Top Indicators for Startups Success, According to this TED Talk. Inc.

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Move faster, increase your returns’ potential

Average internal rate of return (IRR)

  • 21.3% for traditional startups
  • 53% for startups created by studios

Average time from zero to seed

  • 36 months for traditional startups
  • 10.7 months for startups created by studios

Average time from seed to series A 

  • 20 months for traditional startups
  • 14.5 months for startups created by studios

So we built the 1st venture studio specialised in platforms & sustainability. 

Now, how does our studio work?

We are using a methodology & unique set of tools based on a series of logical steps, that was developed thanks to previous experience of building platform ventures, as well as a study of the 200 most successful platforms worldwide. See our methodology with the Platform Innovation Kit

We use them to :

⚙️ Identify strategic whitespaces or key control points within future ecosystems
⚙️ Validate problems along the customer journey
⚙️ Redesign value chains
⚙️ Design the solution
⚙️ Build the business model
⚙️ Assess the entrepreneurial opportunity
⚙️ Develop the sustainability potential
⚙️ Scale network effects
⚙️ And all those special things that you need to look at when building a platform!

Then we stay by your side to test, pivot, launch, pivot, pivot again (and again) & scale for as long as you need us to.

How we split the work? We co-create ! 

We take risks with you : our team and yours work side by side for as long as is necessary.

Your team
You bring the market expertise, the knowledge of your own strategy, all of your experience, an open mind and a lot of energy!

The Flying Rhino core team
We supervise, we guide, we co-create, we provide the tools and, and we even have professional coaches that will ensure that the human factor is not forgotten in all of this innovation rush.

The Flying Rhino venture building team
They do the ground work, starting with the POC.

The start-up team
After the launch, we slowly start recruiting the start-up team to handover to.

The partners
Providers, customers, industry pairs… depending on your project or your/our network we will recruit and onboard the most relevant partners.

The investors
Public or private, from organisations or individuals, each project will attract different kind of investments and investors. As the data behind studio success becomes more public, investors are acknowledging that studios are a new asset class on which to focus. Indeed, studios make strong innovation partners due to their proven iteration process and speed of development, creating trust for investors. 


And of course, we adapt to each particular project: below is a real-life example of a project set-up

venture studion process

“Startups that launch from studios experience 30% higher company success rates. Almost every company launched from a venture studio raises a seed round, and 72% of those that raise a seed round go on to raise Series A financing” 

GSSN 2020