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We welcome you to our conversations with experts and founders to uncover what they learned about growing & scaling of B2B platforms, marketplaces and business ecosystems.

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Nathalie Dumas-Lamborghini

Awarded Top10 Woman in Digital Business 2020

Matthias Walter

Founder of the Platform Innovation Kit

podcast tech

Thilo Kassen, PRISMA

Platform shareholder models and sustainability

PRISMA Capacity is the leading gas capacity platform in Europe. With Thilo, we discussed the interesting shareholder model behind the company and how sustainability and climate change will affect the future gas market in the long run.


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Adrien Nussembaum, MIRAKL

Recipes for success for building a successful b2b platform

Matthias Walter and Nathalie Dumas Lamborghini hosted this time one of the French unicorns superstars: Adrien Nussenbaum, CEO of Mirakl – the platform for building platforms.


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Philipp Ortwein, INSTAFREIGHT

How to build a B2B logistics platform

Four months ago, Matthias Walter and Nathalie Dumas Lamborghini interviewed Philipp Ortwein, CEO of InstaFreight GmbH – a leading B2B logistics platform – about their journey and how platforms can help create a sustainable future.


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Apple goes for 4 more ecosystems

Apple goes for 4 more ecosystems

Content, technologies, ecosystems, design, security and privacy: the magic ingredients of the giant’s new strategy.This week, Apple announced to the world a host of new services, in live streaming: Apple Arcade (the world’s first gaming subscription service), Apple...

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Gartner’s intelligent digital mesh

Gartner’s intelligent digital mesh

At the end of 2018, Gartner unveiled its annual analysis of strategic technological trends for 2019; we can be sure that these characteristics, which are already very real for some of them, will follow us well beyond this year… In short, the imminent future (or the...

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