I want to

accelerate my platform

Get a 2nd opinion from experts to maximise your chances of scaling, shorten cycles, and reduce the risk of unnecessary costs.

We assess your platform strategy and business model, and give you a series of concrete follow-on adjustments to be made where relevant.

Why would I want to re-validate

& optimize my platform business model?


The reality is that it’s very easy to build a platform, but extremely hard to scale it; so there could be many reasons to get a 2nd opinion, like :

  •   Maintaining my head start & avoid competitors catching up
  •   Increasing the durability & profitability of my platform
  •   To increasing usage recurrence & revenue
  •   Accelerating network effects & growth
  •   Reducing the risk of unnecessary costs & time waste
  •   Identifying or validating my control points in order to increase defensibility & monetization
  •   Identifying top risks or pivot opportunities
  •   Validating my business model & monetization strategy
  •   Testing other business models & monetization options
  •   Strengthening my governance & trust strategy
  •   Building my partner strategy
  •   Optimising my model before fund-raising 
  •   Assessing my platform company market value
  • etc.

“Easy to start-up,

difficult to scale-up”.

“Barriers to start up platform businesses are very low,

while barriers to scale up are high”. 

Digital platform innovation in European SMEs
, European Commission JRC technical report 2019) 

Based on our experience from >150 platform projects, the analysis of a further 200 successful platforms across the globe, and academic collaboration work, we have developed a customised analysis tool to assess platform business models in a structured manner, and to make concrete improvement recommendations for operationalization.

Entrepreneurial platform re-validation : how does it work?

We conduct both background analysis, as well as work in co-creation with your teams through workshops.

Then we structure the re-validation of your business model around 4 different – yet complementary – ways to look at success for a platform :

marketplace business model

After revising the existing platform business model from the 4 different perspectives, we identify the top risks & areas of improvement, we optimise  the areas of improvement, and then we adjust or create the platform business model documentation (pitch deck) based on the optimised components. 

A second opinion reduces the risk for unnecessary costs & increases the speed of scaling the platform