I want to

build my platform

Whether you just want to explore new opportunities for business, or you already have THE idea for the next Unicorn, we will ensure that whatever you want to launch has a real potential for operationalisation, growth & scaling ; we won’t always tell you what you want to hear : we’ll challenge the project until you have a real proven business case.

And we’ll stay with you for as long as you need us to.

Build platform

Drive new growth with platforms & ecosystems

Our model

Combining our expertise on platforms,
our know-how in sustainable development & our entrepreneurship skills, with your business expertise, your assets and ecosystem.

What do we mean with “building a platform”?

It’s not always easy to see clearly in those concepts that are all misused and mixed up : is a platform an application? Is it a marketplace? What is the difference between platform and ecosystem? 

We look at platforms as a new enterprise model that orchestrates value flows, connects offer and demand within an ecosystem ; the technology is an enabler, a tool making those connections possible.

As a result, we think that building a platform = building a new type of company, with very specific differences to the usual (linear) models that we know. So we build the tech, but not only : we build a new venture, with it’s own governance, operations, sales & marketing, legal & financial stakes, go-to-market, trust framework, branding, human resources, network effects, etc.

That’s why we have developed a proven 5 step entrepreneurial co-creation methodology & tools, that are tailored to those new models, and that are flexible enough to allow us to embark at any stage of your readiness.

5 step entrepreneurial co-creation methodology & tools

We have the expertise & resources to build strong, compliant & secure quality products


We build scalable products, which requires being technically capable but also agile and data-driven.

We work with state-of the art technologies (Front-end, Back-end, Database, DevOps, etc).

Of course, we always keep your business ambitions and the customer journey in mind, because products are tools to an end, not the end-goal itself.


We take care of the platform’s architecture, engineering and development.

UX flying rhino

Product design (UX/UI)

web development flying rhino


mobile application flying rhino

Web or mobile application

MVP flying rhino


Data-driven growth hacking

We accelerate the growth of the platform by testing the market : we find early adopters, we collect data, we adjust accordingly, we keep collecting data, then we readjust along the way, and again, and again… And we correlate this with specific platform growth engines like network effects or control points.

growth hacking startup

Digital Marketing

data analytics startups


Common misconceptions about digital plaforms

Platforms are digital only.

NO !

A digital platform is orchestrating a user’s journey, which can cover both digital and physical elements. example: grocery delivery platforms which rely not only on the the app, but more importantly on the physical logistics.

Digital platforms are a prerogative of digital companies.

NO !

In fact it’s the opposite : incumbents have assets, services or products, a customer base, or equipment that they can leverage to accelerate the platform adoption and it’s network effects; example : General Electrics built Predix, a data platform leveraging all the equipment sold to their customers, IOT devices and data intelligence.

I need to be legitimate on the market I'm targeting.

NO !

-irbnb did not come from the hosting market , nor did Uber from the transport market. However, it’s true that having already some knowledge, a brand, funds, assets or customer base in the target ecosystem, will help accelerate the go-to market, and will also increase the defensibility of your platform.


I need to launch my application as fast as possible, and iterate ; the business model will come later.

NO !

Of course, you’ll have to pivot, iterate and reconsider ; however, only in rare cases (like YouTube) does the business model come later; instead, in order to reduce the risk of failure, as well as the financial risk, there are quite a few steps to be taken before coding an app (for instance : validate the problem & the solution with potential customers, design the governance & trust model, define the business potential & monetisation strategy, etc.); and anyway, your business model will evolve in time for sure.

The more complete my solution is, the more attractive it will be for customers.

NO !

Platforms are not like a product or a service, they need a very focused & narrow entry point so that they can kick in the network effects ; then, and only then, you will add more features or services; examples : doctolib : finding a doctor’s appointment ; airbnb : finding an original & cheap place to stay. uber : going from a to b safely & cheaply. Vinted : selling second-hand personal clothing.

A platform is a marketplace.

YES and NO

A platform can be a marketplace, but there are several other types of platforms like data platforms, platforms transforming a supply chain, etc.

Is a SaaS solution a platform ?

Yes and No ! 

It depends… It can be if it’s orchestrating connections between offer and demand in a “many-to-many” model; but it’s not a platform in a “one-to-many” set-up. A “one-to-many” set-up can however be a powerful 1st step towards a platform model.